Cusco Paradox is an LGBTQ+ narrative puzzle game about a fox being trapped in the Incan netherworld.  A journey of forlorn love and discovery, Atoq the Fox has lost his memories and must delve deep into this world to recover both his memories and his boyfriend.

Disclaimer:  This game is a demo we created in a month, if we are able to reach 10k players we will receive the funding to create the first chapter of this magical and introspective adventure about a gay couple.

We are Indaga Studios, a small studio from Lima, Peru which wants to create diverse worlds and stories with a large array of perspectives.

Please help us out by sharing with your friends and family.

Move the blocks to build a path through the shrines and travel the nether.

Roadblocks:  These allow the character to move left and right

Stairs:  Allow the character to move up and down. 
Tip:  you can place more than one stair in a row.

When you finish your path click the glowing symbol at the end to make Atoq walk.

The character will only walk when the road is built correctly

Instagram: @indaga.studios @cuscoparadox
Twitter: indaga.studios

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AuthorIndaga Studios
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El arte es muy bueno, la trama y los personajes también! En cuanto a usabilidad/ jugabilidad, desde el inicio te indican como jugarlo y te notifica cuando haces un mal camino. Qué opinas si tal vez al completar un camino este se ilumina o te da una señal de que ya puedes avanzar? Es factible? Muy buen juego!

hola!! muchas gracias por tu comentario! Este juego lo hicimos en 7 semanas y definitivamente tiene espacios de mejora. Muy buena idea lo del camino ILUMINADO!

El arte es hermoso y la historia se ve interesante!

Hola! muchas gracias por jugarlo!!! si nos ayudas a compartir podemos volver este demo un juego completo!

Hola! segundo comentario

hola! primer comentario